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Upcoming Events

Get ready for kickball!  Join us April 1st for our kickball tournament Kick the Stigma!  Teams will consist of MPD officers, MFD officers, city councilmen, probation officers, public defenders, mental health professionals, teachers, and veterans.  Our mission is to help our locality and the participant realize we are all on the same team and fighting for the same goal.  We aim to build trust and credibility so we can better our neighborhood by lowering crime rates and lessening the chances of recidivism.  Teams will compete to win!  There will be food trucks, and door prizes.  Proceeds will go to the construction of our second housing project. Click here for tickets:

IndomitableKickTheStigmaFlyer copy (2).jpg


Thank you for considering sponsorship for our event! 

Please use the spreadsheet below as a guide. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Stonewall Open House 2021

Ugly Sweater Party 2018

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