Gentlemen, please join us for our next Men's Support Social!  We will continue our discussion on important reentry topics such as family dynamics and combating negative stigmas. 🙂 Click here to join:
Meeting ID: 998 5548 6671
Passcode: 298946

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Ladies, please join us for our next Women's Support Social on June 2.  We will discuss ways to navigate the power dynamics in co-parenting.  Click here to join:

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Group sessions are tools to build relationships, achieve goals, and build strong bonds. Allow us to be a part of your youth’s life and future. Come join us for group sessions for ages 11-17. See you there. 🙂


Here is the Consent Form:

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Indomitable Families is hosting Family Fun BINGO! Come have fun with us and see if you are one of our lucky winners! There will be 10 games, 10 prizes! Play cards are $10 each and you can buy as many as you want to increase your chances of winning. You must purchase a play card to attend. There will be daubers, music, and refreshments. See you there!

For tickets and prizes click here:

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Our App!

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Introducing the Incarcerated to Indomitable App!!! The I2I app is combining science, psychology, and behavior modification for individuals returning from incarceration. Utilizing this app in conjunction with the Incarcerated to Indomitable 12-18 month clinical program will decrease recidivism by targeting negative mental health symptoms. Mental health services must be a priority for those returning to the community from prison to decrease depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, and heal trauma! This app was developed by Dr. Crystal DeBerry, a licensed clinical social worker, founder of Indomitable Families Affected by Incarceration, and former prison wife. Patent pending!  Click here to watch a short video explanation:

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